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Explanation for the complete 78-cards-deck of Tarot

This part of the site gives a view on all 78 cards of the Tarot deck, taking the Thoth Crowley Tarot as the primary example. It is designed to give the reader a look on the card's meaning while browing this site and using the Raven's Online Spreads.

Below is a short overview of the contents of this site, just click on the name of a card to go to the extended description.

The Major Arkana

Trump 0 - The Fool
The Fool is the symbol of true innocence, a perfect state of joy and freedom, the sure feeling to be one with the spirit of life, at any time...

Trump 1 - The Magician
The Magician represents consciousness, action and creation. He's the symbol for the idea of manifestation...

Trump 2 - The High Priestess
The High Priestess represents the deeper, more subtile aspect of the female archetype...

Trump 3 - The Empress
The Empress is the friendlier, more approachable aspect of the female archetype. She stands for maternity, love and mercy...

Trump 4 - The Emperor
The Emperor is the social word, the structure of civilization, a symbol for its law and order...

Trump 5 - The Hierophant
The Hierophant is a symbol for a world of belief and confession, may it be a church, a sect or an occult society...

Trump 6 - The Lovers
The Lovers are one of the most complex cards in the Major Arcana, standing for the love in common and the alchemy of the universe...

Trump 7 - The Chariot
The Chariot stands for combined powers, ready to move forward. It represents the dynamic principle and the...

Trump 8 - Adjustment
The adjustment is a symbol for the balance of contrasts, complementing one another and also building up room and time...

Trump 9 - The Hermit
The Hermit represents retirement from the outside world, introversion into the inner self...

Trump 10 - The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of destiny and destination, of good luck and bad luck...

Trump 11 - Lust (The Passion)
The Passion is the step into the second decade of the Major Arcana, the point where the journey into the inner depth begins...

Trump 12 - The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man is a symbol for the turning points in life, showing up a need to stop and assess a situation...

Trump 13 - The Death
The Death represents the neverending circle of death and rebirth as the precondition for new life and creation...

Trump 14 - The Art
The Art represents the art of alchemy, the ability to solve and combine, to turn something plain into something precious...

Trump 15 - The Devil
In the Tree of Life the Devil goes from consciousness and harmony to intellect and logic...

Trump 16 - The Tower
The Tower is a symbol of endurance and its destruction, an allusion to sudden...

Trump 17 - The Star
The Star is the trump of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony...

Trump 18 - The Moon
The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious...

Trump 19 - The Sun
The Sun is the symbol of life and light...

Trump 20 - The Aeon (Judgement)
The Aeon is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption...

Trump 21 - The Universe (World)
The Universe as the end and completion of the Major Arcana is the symbol for the zenith of development...

The Minor Arkana

The Suit of Wands

The Wands represent the element of Fire, the world of Atziluth and Chiah of the soul. Atziluth is the world of pure emanation, the world which flows...

Ace of Wands - The roots of the power of fire
Two of Wands - Dominion
Three of Wands - Virtue
Four of Wands - Completion
Five of Wands - Strife
Six of Wands - Victory
Seven of Wands - Valour
Eight of Wands - Swiftness
Nine of Wands - Strength
Ten of Wands - Oppression
Knight of Wands - Lord of Flame and Lightning
Queen of Wands - Queen of the thrones of flame
Prince of Wands - Prince of the chariot of fire
Princess of Wands - Princess of the shining flame

The Suit of Swords

The Swords represent the element of Air, the world of Yetzirah, Ruach in soul. Yetzirah is the world of formation, of synthesis and analysis...

Ace of Swords - The roots of the powers of Air
Two of Swords - Peace
Three of Swords - Sorrow
Four of Swords - Truce
Five of Swords - Defeat
Six of Swords - Science
Seven of Swords - Futility
Eight of Swords - Interference
Nine of Swords - Cruelty
Ten of Swords - Ruin
Knight of Swords - Lord of the Winds and Breezes
Queen of Swords - Queen of the thrones of Air
Prince of Swords - Prince of the chariot of the winds
Princess of Swords - Princess of the rushing winds

The Suit of Cups

The Cups represent the element of Water, the world of Briah, Neshamah of the soul. Briah translates as "creation", and like Neshamah...

Ace of Cups - The root of the powers of water
Two of Cups - Love
Three of Cups - Abundance
Four of Cups - Luxury
Five of Cups - Disappointment
Six of Cups - Pleasure
Seven of Cups - Debauch
Eight of Cups - Indolence
Nine of Cups - Happiness
Ten of Cups - Satiety
Knight of Cups - Lord of waves and waters
Queen of Cups - Queen of the thrones of water
Prince of Cups - Prince of the chariot of waters
Princess of Cups - Princess of the palace of the floods

The Suit of Disks

The Disks represent the element of the Earth, the world of Assiah, Nefesh in soul. Assiah is the world of making, literally translated as 'action', the actual material area...

Ace of Disks - The root of the powers of Earth
Two of Disks - Change
Three of Disks - Works
Four of Disks - Power
Five of Disks - Worry
Six of Disks - Success
Seven of Disks - Failure
Eight of Disks - Prudence
Nine of Disks - Gain
Ten of Disks - Wealth
Knight of Disks - Lord of the wild and fertile land
Queen of Disks - Queen of the thrones of Earth
Prince of Disks - Prince of the chariot of the Earth
Princess of Disks - Princess of the echoing hills

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