Nine of Disks - Gain

Nine of Disks - Gain

Yesod in the Tree of LifeTree of Life: Yesod through Earth
Astrology: Venus in the 2. decan of Virgo

The Nine of Disks have reached Yesod, the fields of imagination and reflection, but also of foundation, and in the latter the Disks meet their happiest realms.

Fully satisfied with themselfes, they settle down comfortably and gather in the crops, the well-earned rewards for good accomplishment, while enjoying the shining charme of Venus putting everything in sweet light. The card can also stand for health, or successful reconvalescence after illness or injury.

On the darker side, the Nine of Disks can get so self-satisfied with material gain and succes, that they forget about anything else.

Drive: Wealth, well-being

Light: Material happiness, gain, riches

Shadow: Greed for more, materialistic thinking, dissipation, abuse, exploitation

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