Prince of Disks

Prince of Disks

(Prince of the chariot of the Earth)

Tiphareth in the Tree of Life Astrology: 21° Aries to 20° Taurus
Element and world: The Air above the Earth of Assiah
Tree of Life: Tiphareth

The Prince of Disks represents the Air in the element of Earth, he is stable and industrious and also thoughtful and inventive when it comes to improve matters.

Nevertheless, the Earth puts the brakes on the Air, therefore the Prince of Disks is slow in following and developing his plans and ideas, yet he is steady and unwavering - once on his path, he is going forward towards his goal.

The Prince of Disks can seem a bit cold in his emotions sometimes, yet he values his comfort and beauty. He is patient and tolerant, but once in rage, he hardly forgives.

On the shadow site, the Prince of Disks can get stubborn and ignorant, overly piqued on anything not belonging to his related surrounding, and phlegmatic up to total stagnation.

Drive: Solidity, increased material, growth

Light: Unwavering, industrious, enduring, reliable, practcal, reasonable, careful

Shadow: Stubbornness, corruption, avarice, phlegma, dullness, coldness

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