Eight of Wands - Swiftness

Eight of Wands - Swiftness

Hod in the Tree of LifeTree of Life: Hod through Fire
Astrology: Mercury in the 1. decan of Sagittarius

With the Eight of Wands the element of Fire enters Hod, the realm of intellect and logic, ruled by Mercur - thus an area much to its delight. Swiftness is what is demanded in here, decisive action in high speed modus.

The card can stand for sudden realizations, quick brainwaves, it can tell that the solution for a problem is already there or soon to come. It also reminds us that the spirit needs freedom to fly for otherwise it won't work at its best.

The shadow side of the card can mean that we waste too much time with disputing and all kinds of tidbits, instead of moving quick and decisively. In another aspect of course it the size of the dose that makes the poison effective - if we rush it too much we'll end up with a mass of particles that won't do us any good.

Drive: Excessive force applied to suddenly, very rapid rush, violent but not lasting

Light: Progession, ideas, creativity, motion, changes, development

Shadow: Rashness, thoughtlessness, rapacious, insolent, jealousy

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