Prince of Wands

Prince of Wands

(Prince of the chariot of fire)

Tiphareth in the Tree of Life Astrology: 21° Cancer to 20° Leo
Element and world: The Air in the Fires of Atziluth
Tree of Life: Tiphareth

The Prince of Wands represents the Air within the Fire, intellect and storm within the spiritual flaming. As the son of the Queen, he bears a certain heritage of the waters inside of him, expressing in romantical beliefs and a most generous nature.

Though, the attributes of fire are excessively strong, combined with the flying airs the first impression is that of a hot storm, filled with action and wilful, impulsive energies. Lacking the patience of the earth, the Prince of Wands wants it all and he wants it now, refusements or delays might provoke explosive outbursts. He has endless courage and tenacity, he can fight far superior forces until he has won.

With the airs whirled up by the hot breath of fire, he can be a juggler and trickster, wanton and frolic, recklessly abusing the powers of his mind to fool and ridicule the slow and harmless. He doesn't mean bad but usually storms forward too fast to recognize the ruins left behind.

At the shadowy side, all his attributes can exaggerate to their worst, resulting in reckless destruction and even in cruelty and sadism. His impatience can mount into instability, always seeking for novelty without getting anything done, with all his powers burning out unused.

Drive: Activity, energy, impulsiveness

Light: Energy, creativity, passion, swift, strong, rather violent

Shadow: Restlessness, insatisfaction, impatience, destructive powers, cruel, intolerant, prejudiced

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