Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

(Lord of the Winds and Breezes)

Chokmah in the Tree of Life Astrology: 21° Taurus to 20° Gemini
Element and world: The Air of Yetzirah
Tree of Life: Chokmah

The Knight of Swords represents the Fire in the Air, he is the storm of the mind flaming up high. He is sharp-minded, analytical, clever, dexterous and courageous, always ready for and fond of argumentations and verbal wars. His passion for intellectual mindgames can make him an excellent warrior in logical excursions, enjoying both picky subtleties and bizarre contradictions.

At his best, the Knight of Swords stands for intelligent judgement and mental realizations, he is a skilful trickster and a keen observer. Though, lacking the depths of the water and the stability of earth, his mindgames could turn into cloud-cuckoo-lands without inner reflections, he gets unable to decide simply for getting lost in too many theoretical variations.

At the worst, the Knight of Swords tends to put logic and mind ahead of all other values, turning into an cold analytic judging and rating by logic only, without warmth or humanity; or even degenerates to a deceitful, sardonic tyrant of the mind.

Drive: Intellect, science, enlightenment

Light: Sharpness of mind, logic, intellect

Shadow: Coldness, zynism, ambiguity

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