Seven of Cups - Debauch

Seven of Cups - Debauch

Netzach in the Tree of LifeTree of Life: Netzach through water
Astrology: Venus in the 3. decan of Scorpio

The Seven of Cups are standing for the waters of delusion, the clouds of intoxication, the emotional waters are rotting in the depths of destiny, they have fallen from the grace of Tiphareth.

The Seven of Cups also talks of the human desire to experience the unknown, the subconscious, the wish to escape the plain old reality and find a better world somewhere in fantasy. But it shows clearly the dangers of such mindgames, when the dreaming turns into a hapless runaway from life. The success is illusionary, just a deception or wishful thinking

In its best aspects, the Seven of cups is a warning to recognize the delusion, the disguises, to get rid of the intoxicating feelings and face up the facts. Netzach is not only anarchy, but creativity - so the realization of the bad can lead to something good when used with care.

Drive: Delusion, desire, ecstasy, neutralized victory, illusionary success, lying error, promises unfilled, drunkeness, violence, selfish dissipation, deception in love and friendship, success often gained but not followed up.

Light: Realisation of false promises and hapless hopes, sobering

Shadow: Drunkeness of mind, getting lost in illusions, wrath, vanity

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