Six of Cups - Pleasure

Six of Cups - Pleasure

Tiphareth in the Tree of Life Tree of Life: Tiphareth through water
Astrology Sun in the 2. decan of Scorpio

The Six of Cups has overcome the crisis of the Five, it has learned and accepted its lesson.

Tiphareth is the center, standing for beauty and harmony, the realization of consciousness. The 6 as the number of completion solves the imbalance of the 5, it combines the contrasts and reconciles the opposites. The 6 is open to all directions.

So the Six of Cups will tell of deep emotions, that have passed the depths of pain and fear and therefore will enjoy the pleasures of harmony and devotion more than ever before.

Drive: close, deep emotions,

Light: Balance and harmony through the return to the inner sources

Shadow: Mental standstill, being afraid to move to not lose the current values

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