Two of Cups - Love

Two of Cups - Love

Chokmah in the Tree of Life Tree of Life: Chokmah through water
Astrology: Venus in the 1. decan of Cancer

The Two of Cups is the polarisation of the freely floating streams of the Ace of Cups. Where the Ace was all-embracing in its feelings, the Two of Cups has a particular focus. The Ace was unity, the Two of Cups is differentiation, feelings are fucussed on a specific object.

Remembering that 2 as a number is the symbol of duality, it implies the Two of Cups needs a counterpart, a source or a goal outside itself.

Drive: Love, unity in difference

Light: Harmony, pleasure, mirth, love, friendship, passion

Shadow: Dissipation, waste, sillyness, subtlety

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