The Suit of Wands


The element of Fire

The Wands represent the element of Fire, the world of Atziluth and Chiah of the soul.

Atziluth is the world of pure emanation, the world which flows directly out of the infinite, and so the Wands stand for the human soul in general, the spirituality which lives within us. This fire - the living light - motivates us to strive for consciousness and action. In the positive aspect, Fire manifests as will, inspiration, the wish and power to achieve honor and victory. Negatively, these last qualities become pride, egoism, despotism, and tyranny. In a literal sense, Fire is the provider of warmth and light, but uncontrolled is the most destructive of the elements.

Chiah is the 'general living spark', the vitality itself, connected with all life and being held for the level closest to the 'Divine' itself. Chiah is best described as the general instinct to live, but on a much higher level than just the instinct to exist as represented by the animal soul of Nefesh.

From an elemental aspect Wands don't go very well with Cups since Fire and Water eaken each other. They goes along quite fine with Swords since both are active and can harmonize well with Disks.

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