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You now have the option to do all the spreads on this site with the Classic 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot.

Doing a reading with this very old deck offers an intersting new view on a spread, and it gets one a little closer to the traditional Tarot.

I'm planning to add a section for the 1835 deck in the future, but for now you can refer to this short article concerning the differences between the Thoth deck and the Classic deck.

Right now, the addition of the Classic in the Spreads section is a 'quick'n dirty' job - since both have 78 cards, I merely exchanged the cards. This will get refined at a later time.

Sooner or later there is a time when the good old Celtic Heinz 57 Cross won't be enough anymore, and you'll start looking around for something else, trying to find out spreads that come closest to your needs and questions.

Now here are some of my favorite spreads, and since the biggest part of my reading covers self-reflection and counseling, most of the spreads are made for this. I mostly use them with the Thoth Crowley Tarot but they do work fine with some of my other decks, for example the Hermetic Tarot or even the Minchiate Etruria.

The spreads on this site are all 'ready to use', you can do a Tarot Reading for yourself right here on your pc. The layout pages will enable you to 'lay out the cards' on your screen, there is the Shuffle Window that will shuffle your cards, almost as in real. This is the closest that a machine like a computer can come to a reading.

To do a spread, just pick one out from the list below, then open the 'shuffle cards' window with the star-shaped link on the left. The instructions how to use it are there. Once you have displayed your cards you can click them for each card's meaning.

Oh - and be patient when you display your cards on the spread's pages! They're up to 10 KB each and there are a lot of them, so they might load a moment when the connection is slow.

Newton's Spread
This is my favorite spread, my first choice when looking into myself and asking for my potentials and powers.
I did this after Newton's Laws of Motion, but you don't need to be a physicist to get the best out of it. Those of you who use Tarot for self-experience should have a look at it.
..New: The Newton Spread with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

Four Knight's Defence
The 'Four Knights Defense' is a relationship spread. It follows the first three moves of a common chess opening: my move - the other one's move. It's also very helpful when you have to meet a certain situation.
..New: The Four Knight's Defense with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

Blind Spot (normal)
A little four-card spread that tells a bit about yourself and the way you appear to others. It's pretty small and quite easy
..New: The Blind Spot with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

There also is a 'short version' of the 'Blind Spot' online that is laid with the Major Arcana only.
One thing that is for sure is that this is the spread page that loads fastest... ;)
.....and the 'short' Blind Spot with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

Raven's Eye
The critical eye - this spread compares what you are with what you should be. Can be quite useful in certain situations..
..New: The Raven's Eye spread with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

The Dark Star
The Dark Star is another favorite of mine, although it requires some time and concentration. It's one of those spreads that at first sight throw up more questions but anything else and really forces you to examine your inner self. Not quite a 'beginner's spread'..
..New: The Dark Star spread with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

Raven's Bridge
The alltime-client-favorite - I just don't know why everyone asks for it again and again, even when I consider another spread as more appropriate. Maybe because it covers what most people expect from Tarot..
..New: The Raven's Bridge spread with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

Quick Croax
The name says it all - a 3-card-quickie that breaks the law that one shouldn't ask 'yes' or 'no' questions...
..New: Thie Quick Croax spread with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

The Monocle
This spread uses four cards to explain a single one - I sometimes use this when I get fixated on a subject that reminds me very much of one special card, or vice versa.
..New: The Monocle spread with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

The Raven's Tree
Another reflection spread, a quite easy one.
..New: The Raven's Tree spread with the 1835 Gumppenberg Tarot

All spreads on this site were created by me, except the 'Blind Spot'. So be nice and don't forget about this when you use them for your own sites or writings. Gimmie some credz, and please don't change their names - they are 'Raven-spreads'.

(Yep, also the 'Newton Spread' - I've noticed that most of my friends don't like the name. One of my students actually used it as 'Raven's Laws of Motion' - that was most funny, but not fair against old Isaac.. ;)

As for the 'Blind Spot', it's here because it is a sweet little beginner's spread. I don't know who made it, one of my friends came up with it one day and as far as I know, he had it from some Tarot book.

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