Raven's Quick Croax - Tarot Spread

Raven's Quick Croax - Layout1 = Yes

2 = No

3 = Why

The 'Quick Croax' is a little spread that probably comes closest to the 'yes' and 'no' question - with the slight difference that it turns the expected answers into questions. It is a quick and useful littler helper if you cannot decide between a 'yes' and a 'no' and want the cards to give you 'their opinion'.

One of the oldest questions about Tarot is 'Can I ask the cards for a 'yes' or 'no'?
In my humble opinion, you can ask whatever you want, even a question that expects a 'yes' or a 'now'. The catch is the answer you'll get...

Tarot cards use to talk broad and wide, coming up with 'if', 'if not' or 'have you thought of..' etc - and the shorter you want the answer, the longer it usually gets. Just figure you ask 'should I buy this house?' and the cards say 'The Queen of Swords'! Yikes, what an answer...

The better way to have 'yes' and 'no' in Tarot is to make them the questions instead of expecting them to be the answers. It is more honorable also, since 'yes' implies a permission and 'no' a prohibition - things that every free spirit should avoid as far as even possible.

When using the '2-birds-system', the position of the three cards are like in the model aside.
None of the birds must be on any of the marked positions, so it may take a while until you have your mix done.

Of course, when you choose the sort-out system, you just shuffle until there are three cards left - no matter on what position..

Now you can display your cards here.

As you see, the cards in the Shuffle Window have their numbers on their backs, so it is easy to choose the right ones from the dropdown lists. Just take care you have them in the right order.

1 = Yes

3 = Why?
2 = No

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