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Monocle LayoutActually, I'm not the best friend of 'what does this mean'- spreads, but maybe this one might be of help for you. I sometimes use it when I get fixated on a subject that reminds me very much of one special card, or vice versa.

Take the card in question out of the deck and put it in front of you - in the model above, it is the blank card.

1 is the yes (what it is for, what it aims at, where it has a connection)
2 is the no (what it is not, where is no connection)
3 is the cause (reason, background)
4 is the effect (possible result, intention, use)

Don't forget that pos. 2 has a reason to appear as well, so don't hop over it too fast just because the 'no' implies that it has no meaning.
Then, when you're more interested why the question came up, connect the cards anticlockwise 1 -3 - 2 - 4 If you're more interested for what the question comes up, go clockwise 1 - 4 - 2 - 3

Sounds a bit like hair-splitting, I know, and can get confusing when going both paths. But it will be two slightly different viewpoints.

Now I was in doubts about putting the Monocle online, for there is a slight mistake - you cannot put one card out of the deck you shuffle in here - and when chance is in fun mood, one of your cards will be exactly the one you want to have explained..

Nevertheless, it is here - so if you happen to pick it in the shuffle, just take the one that comes next to the four. For this, the position table below has five cards marked - the first four are your pick, and when one of them happens to be the card in question, card number five will be the substitute.
When doing the 'sortout-system' and you have the card in question within the last four, just shuffle again - after all, this shuffle doesn't last as long as the '2-birds-system'..

When using the '2-birds-system', the position of the four cards are like in the model aside - the card on position 5 will be the substitute.
None of the birds must be on any of the marked positions, so it may take a while until you have your mix done.

Of course, when you choose the sort-out system, you just shuffle until there are four cards left - no matter on what position..

Now you can display your cards here.

As you see, the cards in the Shuffle Window have their numbers on their backs, so it is easy to choose the right ones from the dropdown lists. Just take care you have them in the right order.



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