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Raven the Foolplease look about and read about the Tarot like I use to see it and live with it. This site offers you quite a close look, you can find out about your personal cards or use my Tarot spreads to do an online reading for yourself.

I'm not the 'esoteric' sort, and I always try to have a reasonable balance between my spiritual senses, my mystic intentions and the laws of physics. I do believe in the power of the subconscious, the theory of relativity and the principle of cause and effect. At first sight, occultism and physics seem to contradict each other, but since we don't live in the Middle Ages anymore, we should give it a second thought..

Further, Tarot reading is an excellent way to learn more about one's self, have a closer look at your inner self or to examine your very own intentions and ambitions.

The idea of this site is to give you a brief look at the cards, show the one or other way, maybe stimulate a little interest, and of course provide some fun. Just look at the two cuties in the upper frame - neither of them were ever known for too much respect... ;)

Update 2010

MantegnaAs you can see, the framework of the layout has seen some changes, and I hope you'll like it as much as I do. There are new sections on the site, as well, and I'm particularly proud of

The Tarocchi di Mantegna

The Mantegna section not only introduces the full Renaissance deck, featuring the E-Series as engraved by Johann Ladenspelder - I colorized each one of the cards, thus creating my own version of a fully colorized Ladenspelder-Mantegna-deck - and I love it! I hope you'll enjoy the walk through those truly unique cards.

I also added a new section for The History of Tarot - while it is still in its beginnings and will get enhanced later on, there already is quite something to read and even a video to watch.

There is also a nice add-on to the Tarot Spreads - you can now do each layout with the classic Gumppenberg Tarot deck of 1835. It's a scratch, still, as I plan to work on the classic Tarot decks as the History section proceeds - and then close the circle to the Thoth deck.

Lastly, the Planets section has seen a major update and now offers a much closer look at the classic planets, and I've even allowed myself a nod at Astrology - though that one is... well, see for yourself. ;)

Another 'addition' to the site is this PayPal Donation Button...

I'm facing increasing difficulties to keep the site going, as it has grown in size and particularly in traffic. So, if you enjoy the site, and if you can and would like to share a bit to support it, I'd really appreciate it as a blessing.

Thanks a lot!

The goat
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about Raven

A few more things to note about this site:

  1. A nice section about Elemental Dignities!
  2. The Cards Explanation Window can be 'flown' out of the main window using this button (sitting in the bottom left corner of the card window):
    Float window
  3. Every Tarot card displayed on the site - also within the Taroscope or the Spreads - can now be clicked to call up the card's explanation in a pop up window, so you can still read the meanings of a card without leaving the actual window and without first looking for the link to it.
  4. There is a fine section called 'The Seven Hermetic Principles'
  5. There a some new articles within older sections:
    'The Barnum Effect' in 'Reading Cards'
    'Cold Reading' in 'Reading Cards'
    'Magick' in 'Creeds and Beliefs'
  6. The 'Tree of Life' section still looks good... ;)

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