Now as you can see, there are only few links in here, for I just added this page with the latest update. Maybe there will be more with the time. But as you soon might find out, there are so many pages offering gigantic link lists, that I really wonder if anyone needs yet one more, which in the end would just look like a copy from someone else's link list.

Tarot at Telperion
The homepage of Tom Tadfor Little - different from the 'usual' Tarot sites and very interesting to read, with previews on his own Hermit's deck and much more. Once you're there, don't miss his sections about philosophy (The merits of reason) and the one for spiritual excursions. Wish I could exchange some of my graphical skills for some of his writing style...

The Mousepad
Personal notes from 'guerilla occultist' Frater Jason Carr. I like the humour of his site, and became curious for his mentioning of lucid dreaming in relation to a card (on his site, the Moon). Now I'm waiting for him to explain it in detail - because I haven't found a good way yet to describe MY experiences without losing some of my feathers...

Aeclectic Tarot
A very big site including hundreds of deck reviews, a Forum, e-books, an impressive link collection and more.

Wicce's Tarot Collection
Steadily growing site with many deck reviews, and a long row of spreads including their introduction. Wicce also offers 'guest reviews' i.e. she gives her visitors the chance to write an own view of a deck.

Playing Cards and More
A fine collection of Tarot decks, kits and accessories in this well-sorted online shop specializing in playing cards and games.

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