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Is there really a need to know me?


Nevertheless, a few words that might be helpful to understand the spirit behind this site and its contents:

Being in Tarot, you'll see a lot of nonsense. Since I have the Devil as a symbol, people suspect black magic and satanic beliefs. I always wonder if they are trying to be funny, because it's ridiculous to think that they could be serious.

Generally, I explain that the 'Devil' is just a goat and a symbol for my affection for goatcheese on warm, buttered toast. Actually, I've chosen the devil because he was the first anarchist ever, believing in nothing. And nor do I - not in the devil or any other creed, for that matter. I'm not in or part of any occult ring or society, nor would I ever join one. I'm all by myself, maybe apart from the fact that I'm a mass of floating strange particles in a sea of strange particles, and I feel pretty good about it all.

Doing Tarot, you will always hear the same old questions.

Is there divination? No, there is not! There is cause and effect, that's about all. The cause might be hidden, the effect not quite present, the coherence in between blurred and at first sight invisible - but in the end it is nothing but plain old cause and effect. Divination would mean I could tell when our local TV channel will finally bring that Keith Richards-show again that I've been waiting for, but the cards won't help me on that.

"In this way the world appears as a complicated web of proceedings, in which very different kinds of connections take turns with each other, overlapping and interacting, finally building the structure of the whole web"
(Werner Heisenberg)

Is there magic? No, there is not! There is nature and physics and nothing else. If we don't have a proper explanation for a phenomen right now, it doesn't mean that there never will be one. Some time ago, people believed electricity was magic. And just imagine what a great magician you could have been by turning on a radio in the 16th century.
And in this context: making a difference between black and white magic means to be on the same low level as a certain type of person in the middle ages, who needed that cheap separation to keep their poor dogma alive.

"The widening of our experience in the last times has proven the insufficience of our simple, mechanical language and subsequently shocked the foundations on which the common interpretation of observations were based"
(Niels Bohr)

Now you still don't know too much about me, but at least you know what kind of spirit has inspired this website. After all, that's all that really matters, right?

If you still want more 'about me', look at the whole of - and if then you still don't have enough, there is not much either of us can do about it.

But hey, I DO believe this website says it all...

Of the same batch also are they that hunt after immortality of fame by setting out... websites.
Of whom, though all of 'em are indebted to folly, yet in the first place are they that nothing but paste screens with their empty toys. For they that write learnedly to the understanding of a few scholars, and refuse not to stand the test of a Persius or Laelius, seem to me rather to be pitied than happy, as persons that are ever tormenting themselves; adding, changing, putting in, blotting out, revising, reprinting, showing it to friends, and nine years in correcting, yet never fully satisfied; at so great a rate do they purchase this vain reward, to wit, praise, and that too of a very few, with so many watchings, so much sweat, so much vexation and loss of sleep, the most precious of all things. Add to this the waste of health, spoil of complexion, weakness of eyes or rather blindness, poverty, envy, abstinence from pleasure, over-hasty old age, untimely death, and the like; so highly does this wise man value the approbation of one or two blear-eyed fellows.
(Desiderius Erasmus: Praise of Folly - with a few minor changes..)

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