The Corvidae Site

The Raven's Corvidophile Homepage

Now this is the central of, the one page where the whole domain once started from. The playground of the Raven, the Olympus of Corvidophilia

By and by, the single pages splitted off to become fullgrown sites of their own, first of all the Tarot Site, closely followed by the various Music Pages, when the Tributes for Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie Mercury 'went solo', leaving the nest they came from rather empty.

However, you can still have a look at the ravenly triumvirate presiding over, all three of them rolled up in one lunatic personality.

Corvus, the dark spirit - RDC the mad hatter - and Spooky the flight of fancy - they are the powers behind this somewhat peculiar domain.

And of course, the whole of it is still