The Corvidae Family
RDC - Second part of a schizophrenic personality
Lunar lunatic

RDC is the intangible phantom standing between the trio: 100 per cent spirit, no physical body, and no cares whatever. RDC is provably insane, too unstable to form any reasonable thoughts or draw a logical conclusion. There, but yet - not there. A wisp. A dark Angel. RDC is the artist, and is said to be highly intelligent. The proverbial 'Jack of all Trades', yet master of none. But, without Corvus, none of the projects would ever get finished.

RDC is very interested in everything, but nothing can really reach all the way to cloud nine. While working, the world could explode and RDC wouldn't notice. People are observed carefully, but only as objects of study, and least appreciated when they suddenly start talking. Especially when the conversation turns to complaints about bad behaviour, health advice or the evils of smoking.
To prevent annoying interruptions such as this, RDC usually also just turns off the doorbell...

Like Corvus, RDC isn't too enchanted by mankind, and remains the interested observer, taking it all in for what it is: A gigantic screwball comedy. There's nothing RDC could ever take seriously, having it all already sorted out. There's not much of a difference between a nuclear bomb and a flying cream pie thrown by Harpo Marx. They're both just missiles to RDC.

RDC loves rock'n'roll and boogie-woogie, but also enjoys the real weirdoes like Captain Beefheart, Chinese operas or cabaret music from the 1920s...doesn't matter. RDC also enjoys watching the departure of the frustrated as they recoil in shock. Some people see RDC as a lonely, mean sociopath. And it's truly a wonder that RDC isn't locked away somewhere because Spooky is forever opening the door whenever the men with the white coats are discovered knocking...

But, RDC doesn't mind -
Existence is but a stage, life but a show and identity is just another costume - and who really gives a damn about the critics anyway???

"From all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most..."