The Corvidae Family
Spooky - third part of a schizophrenia personality
The fool on the hill

Spooky must be definitely female. All her ways and all her thoughts prove that. And like all women, she's can be very stupid sometimes. But nature also provided her with a good sense of beauty and aesthetics, and more than a fair share of decency and kindness. She's the one who takes care that Corvus doesn't paint everything too black and RDC won't push it too far...

She's fond of Victorian Arts, enjoys Shelley and adores the paintings of Peter Lely. She melts away when listening to ancient tunes or ballads and cries when Lassie dies in TV, even when it's the 287th rerun. Of course she firmly believes there never was a better movie than 'Wuthering Heights' with Sir Laurence Olivier and that nowadays fashion just isn't nearly as beautiful as it once was. There's a standing wager between Corvus and RDC that she would fall head over heels for Rudolph Valentino if he would once again happen along, but of course both know that they can never lose the bet...

Spooky's always busy cleaning up the havoc that Corvus and RDC leave behind, appeasing people where possible, comforting their hapless victims and trying to keep the damage as minimal as possible. But this is not something the other two would ever appreciate or even notice. Unlike them, Spooky likes people and is very fond of visitors - wondering all the time why the doorbell doesn't work..

She is very conscientious, arranging all the bills and other important things properly on the desk, hoping that Corvus may find them there. She's the one who takes care of the cooking and the entire household, at least she tries her best when the other two rapscallions are sleeping...

"I have not failed! I've successfully developed 1200 methods that didn't work.."
(Thomas Edison)