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Bessie Smith, Esma Redzepova and more

Here are some of my favorite musicians that I would like to show you - the great Blues singer Bessie Smith being the first one, then the magnificient Gipsy Queen Esma Redzepova and a few more.

King Oliver, Goran Bregovic, Khaled, Yat-Kha and Egschiglen belong to my specials and are shortly introduced on this site.

This is only a little of my vast musical love, ranging from the Troubadours of the medievals up to Jimi Hendrix and Arabic classics, with side steps to Mongolia and the Balkans.. oh well, I even have a big opera collection at hoome and I just love violin concertos. Music is just a great part of my life even though I never made music myself. Guess that's the magic - unlike painting, music could never degenarate to something unpleasant such as work.. ;)

Once you're visited the Corvidae Music Page, don't miss the sites that have parted from it dur to their size - for example my visual Freddie Mercury tribute or the pages dedicated to the great Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan.
At Stevie Ray's site you will also find the Malian blues guitarist Ali Farka Toure.

On this site you can also find little ra-files to get an idea what kind of music the one or other artist makes - just in case you didn't know anyway. Some things like for example the voice of Albert Kuvezin have to be heard to be believed.. ;)

These ra-file are not meant to complete anyone's virtual music collection - they are just too low in quality to be stored on disk. Please don't ask to get better quality files - if you like an artist, get an album. There are links to amazon and the respective artist's repertoire on each of my pages.