The Court Cards in the Zodiac

The three higher court cards (Knight, Queen and Prince) have a direct relation to the signs of the zodiac. What might be confusing at first sight is that the single cards don't exactly match the full sign, but show a shifting of 10 degrees.
I hope the image below will help you to get a quicker insight in what card matches what sign.
(it's one of the most beautiful images I've made for this site - so I hope you don't mind the download time.. ;)


According to Crowley, each of the cards can mediate an impression of a person whose zodiac decan belongs to this specific card, thus you can say that a person born on August 12 has many attributes that are typical for the Prince of Wands, and if the person is born short before August 13, there will also be many attributes of the Knight of Disks as well.

If you're curious to find out which card matches you and you're not sure about your decan, you can use the input form above to find out.
Just type in your birthday in a date format like "January 25, 1962" and press the 'show me' button - your card will get displayed.

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