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The Taroscope

is set together from the three cards that get determined by your birthdate:

1. The essential card which is the archetypical trump under which you were born (also see 'Your essential card')
2. The personality card which is the court card corresponding to your zodiac sign (also see 'Court cards in Zodiac')
3. The destiny card which is the number card standing in the zodiac decan in which you were born

To use it, open up the essential card which you can find here on this site on the 'Essential card' page.

Second, type in your birthdate in the field below the two cards on the right, in a date format like 'January 25, 1962'. Both cards will get displayed.

The Tarot Cards Explanation Window

One word to the 'destiny card':

Since every number card (except the Ace) has one decan in which it belongs, it cannot be avoided that all the little nasty fellows that no-one likes to see - like the Fives or Sevens, for example - find their place in here, too.

Now I admit that it's not a pleasant feeling to have cards like 'Ruin' or 'Failure' popping up as your 'destiny cards' - here it is required to remember that every card has two sides, teaches its own lesson, has its own wisdom inside. The Ten of Swords 'Ruin' for example talks of transformation, of a new begin, of having pushed a thing to absolute end and start it again with broaded perception and experience.

Then of course, a 'bad' destiny card like 'Ruin' sure does not mean that the person who has it will have nothing but ruin in life - like a person with 'Victory' as destiny card cannot await that everything in life will turn out victorious or someone with 'Wealth' won't inevitably become filthy rich. The cards just show an influence, a shade or a coloring, which will vary even more by the influences of both the essential card and the personality card.

In my experience, persons with 'bad' destiny cards are often more sensitive, more perceptive than those with 'good' cards. Maybe because they just know the shades of destiny and therefore value the lights more, or because they don't take everything as easy, and sometimes probably don't have it as easy like others - in the realm of this card.

By the way, every card has its good and dark sides - also the trumps and the court cards. You will only get the best out of the Taroscope when you watch them all with honesty and objectivity, no matter if they make it easy for you or not.

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