Tiphareth in the Tree of Life6. Tiphareth - Consciousness and harmony, the balance of the middle, beauty

Tiphareth completes the Ethical Triangle in the Tree of Life, it is the balance and the equilibrium between Chesed and Geburah. Tiphareth has learned that the two seemingly so different kings - the benevolent ruler and the merciless Warrior King, are in fact one and the same, or as the Principle of Polarity would say: the two contrasting sets of qualities are actually just two aspects or phases of the whole.

This triad (Chesed, Geburah and Tiphareth) represents the concept of analysis. Chesed stands for the richdom of growth, Geburah as its quintessence exposes its faults and restrictions, and Tiphareth gets it all back to harmony, drawing the best out of both extremes.

Located in the middle of the Tree of Life, in the Pillar of Mildness which is also the Pillar of Consciousness, Tiphareth stands for the harmony of the middle, the beauty of itself, the consciousness reflecting on itself, having experienced both positive and negative heights and got out of it matured and wisened. It is the center of the Microprosopus.

Tiphareth is Kether on a lower arc and Yesod on a higher level. Watched from the higher planes of the Tree it is the child emanating from the spheres above, watched from the lower planes it is the King closest to the skies. As we will later see Tiphareth also provides a balance between Netzach and Hod.

The Sephirah Tiphareth stands for devotion - devotion for a higher spiritual purpose or devotion to whatever one may be concerned with. The planet associated with it is the Sun in all its beauty and glory.

See below the Tarot cards corresponding to Tiphareth - the Sixes and the Princes:

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