Netzach in the Tree of Life7. Netzach - Creativity and anarchy, sensitivity

With the seventh Sephirah Netzach we are entering the Astral Triangle, the realm of personality and our own consciousness. Netzach represents the instincts, the emotions caused by those, it is sensitivity and creativity on an instinctive, umconscious level.

The white light that shone so bright in Tiphareth is split into thousands of coloured rays in Netzach, almost like in a prism but yet unsorted, anarchic, flowing about in uncontrolled, ever-shifting shapes. Ruled by Venus which never was an influence known for order and practicability, Netzach is a peculiar sphere. It is located at the bottom of the Pillar of Mercy where, as we remember, all the growing, expanding and unrestricted powers arise. It reflects the Fire of the warlike Geburah through Tiphareth, providing even the Fire with Venusian splendour (we might think of Venus flattering around Mars here). It doubtlessly wants nothing but beautiful good and yet its direct manifestation in the Sevens of the Tarot are seldom good news.

As all the Sephirah in the Pillar of Mercy need their balancing counterpart in the Pillar of Severity Netzach rather badly needs Hod, the eight Sephirah. While Netzach is the uncontrolled instinct Hod is the conscious mind. Netzach is pure, archaic emotion and Hod is the rational intellect. Netzach is wavering, dissolutive anarchy while Hod is wellthought structure.

Netzach with its manifold, differing and confusing shades and facets is often considered the Sphere of Illusion when it is this very anarchic and emotional nature where illusion florishs. It is also called the Sephirah of Destiny, breaking out of the wellbalanced harmony of Tiphareth with neither care nor concern. Netzach is moving no matter what, it cannot stand still.

We need Netzach for in it lies all artistry, all passion, all emotion that makes our being worthwhile, but woe to us if the balance of Hod is missing.

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