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Tarot Spells???

This is probably the most stupid term I could ever have come with for this section, and I will change it as soon as I figure some better catchword that will fit within the 120 pixels of my link image...

However, another most common question in Tarot is: 'Is Tarot dangerous?'
Generally, it is not, unless you eat all 78 cards at once. That might cause some stomach problems and give you funny colored lips.

On the other hand, everything leading into the depths of the subconscious, the occult fields and the unknown might imply a certain risk. When you dive into the recesses of the Moon too deeply, you might get lost in the shadows. This is what happened to Aleister Crowley in his last days, although you will always find admirers who prefer to describe his mental derangement as 'illumination'..

It can also come to pass that one day you'll have to face certain powers, that seem to be too dark to understand or too 'mystic' to explain. It doesn't matter whether they come from the outside or from the inside, as long as they mean trouble or a bad feeling, something must be done to cope them.

It's now common to see the use of the Major Arcana as some sort of 'Rite of Ascension' (nice innuendo, that - ;), i.e. taking the two decades as some kind of occult ladder and climbing from one trump to the next in order to explore, research and realize your own inner feelings. It's probably one of the best methods of self-realization and spritual development.

Based on that premise, the Major Arcana can also provide a good way to cope with any 'dark powers' mentioned above. For some reason, I've called it 'The Crystal' and found it useful for people who struggle with the dark side of the moon.

What you do is take the four following trumps: The Moon, the Devil, Adjustment and the Star and place them in front of you like this:

The Moon The Devil Adjustment The Star

Get yourself two packages of cigarillos or a dozen of joss sticks or whatever else makes you feel good, light a candle, shut off doorbell and telephone and then start the journey from the left card to the right:

1. The Moon

Go into yourself! Have a close look at yourself inside, figure out where your weak points are, what is making you vulnerable, where the holes are in your self-confidence. The reason that you are vulnerable lies within you, and you have to find out where. Remember the principle of cause and effect - the cause is in you, and so is the effect.

2. The Devil

The Devil is the most powerful trump of all. The Devil tells you that there is nothing that can put you down, that there is always a way out. He knows no limitations, no restrictions, respects nothing and has no religion. He will tell you to use your brain and your objectivity and to make up your own mind. Even when you happen to be afraid of 'satanic forces' or 'black magic', it is the Devil who will tell you 'don't worry - be happy'. There are no such things as 'satanic' or 'black' - every form of dogma or belief contradicts the Devil's anarchic nature.
So whatever it is that haunts you - get yourself a pair of horns and fight!

3. Adjustment

Bring everything in balance, have a close look at all aspects involved, ignore nothing. Try to see everything as if it could be put on scales in space and time. Take the essence of the two cards before, along with everything else that is of any meaning in your life and put it all in a well-balanced relation to one other. You'll be surprised how many things there are that you've disregarded while being entangled in your problems.

4. The Star

Once you're done, it's time for the trust of the Star. Concentrate on something good, spiritualize the image of the great guiding light that is there before you, showing up the way that will lead you out off your troubles. There is hope and there is a cosmos with an infinite number of chances.

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