Neptune (card by corax)Neptun

Neptun is standing for the principles of nature, for the Great Spirit over the waters. It is a symbol for the endless ocean and the eternal universe, and is associated with wisdom and spiritual consciousness.
Though in mythology Neptun is male - as the god of water (Greek: Poseidon) and the brother of Zeus; astrologists tend to see Neptun as a female planet, for in the occult traditions the water is a female element.
Neptun rules Pisces in astrology. Since Neptune wasn't detected until 1846 it has no meaning in traditional Tarot but gets associated to the Hanged Man lately.

Uranus (card by corax)Uranus

Uranus is the planet attached to changes, revolutions and motion, maybe just for the fact that in Greek mythology Uranos was beaten by his son Kronos.
Uranus represents independence, impatience and rebellion, and also new inventions and detections. In Tarot, Uranus is usually attached to the Tower, but in my eyes it also fits perfectly to the Devil and the Fool.
First detected in 1781, Uranus has no meaning in older astrology, in newer astrology he is the ruler of Aquarius.

Pluto (card by corax)Pluto

Pluto was first detected in 1930 and therefore it has no meaning in the traditional astrology. Nowadays, some astrologists tend to see it as the master of Scorpio, but I prefer to believe that Scorpio is quite happy with Mars...
Considering that the planet is named after the Greek god of the underworld - Pluton - I tend to attach Pluto to Tarot cards like the Moon, the High Priestess and the Hermit.

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