Stevie Ray Vaughan

It was August 27 in 1990 when the world lost one of the best blues guitarists it ever had...

For many people Stevie Ray Vaughan was the best blues guitarist ever since, his rich and warm style never met.

This site wants to remember Stevie Ray, with images, articles and sounds, so just look around, read and listen and look and spare a thought for a musician who in fact will never die when he has long been a legend.

Additionally there are some SRV wallpapers on the site and a couple of recommendations for books and CDs.

Soul to Soul - an SRV article from 1985

"There are a lot of rockin' songs," he said, "and then some like we've never played before. There's definitely blues in it - not less blues than before - but it's a type of music we haven't really tried before, some different kinds of changes. There are a few other players here and there that people won't expect. Some keyboards (ex-Delbert McClinton pianist Reese Wynans has beeen added to Double Trouble), some horns. But the moods are happier."
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Pride and Joy

Musically and socially, what Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble did was virtually unprecedented. Not since Eric Clapton or Johnny Winter had a bonafide guitar hero surfaced playing stone blues. In fact, there had been a shortage of guitar heroes, period. Whereas Clapton and Winter reached their largest audiences after they had strayed from the genre, and Hendrix had from the outset transformed his blues base into a horse of a different color, Vaughan faithfully played the music he'd learned from T-Bone Walker, Freddie King, Albert King, and Guitar Slim, in front of thousands night after night....
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Life and Times of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray took a breather from recording Family Style in Memphis for a brief return to his old stomping grounds, and to attend the eighth annual Austin Music Awards. The event could easily have been called the "SRV Awards," for the guitarist was named Musician Of The Decade, and came away with honors for Record Of The Decade (Texas Flood), Record Of The Year (In Step), Single Of The Year ("Crossfire") and Musician Of The Year. Clad in understated formal attire, he expressed his gratitude to the capacity crowd at Palmer Auditorium.

"I just want to thank God that I'm alive. And I want to thank all the people that loved me back to life so that I could be here with you today."
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The saddest day in August

The first flash comes over the AP wire at about 7 am:
Copter crash in East Troy, Wisconsin. Five fatalities, including "a musician" .
Keen eyes at the Austin American Statesman newsroom catch that item and begin putting two and two together. Every half hour, AP updates with details. The mysterious ''musician" becomes "a member of Eric Clapton's entourage" and then "a guitarist".
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Ali Farka Toure

This great blues guitarist from Mali is - for me at least - one of the very few that can match Stevie Ray Vaughan. I therefore like to introduce him here.

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