RDC's Aerosmith Art Gallery

This is an artist's take on the band Aerosmith or rather said on their singer Steven Tyler. The site consists of two parts - first the paintings, a portrait series of Steven Tyler, and second the comic-book.

Steven Tyler paintings - oil on canvas

The portrait series is a series of oil paintings done between perhaps 1982 and 1994. The series is composed of five parts, called 'rooms' in this virtual gallery, starting at the early years of Steven Tyler up to the big success that came with the 90s.

My goal at that time was to explore a face in painting and Steven Tyler happened to be the perfect model - not only because he had a flexible face and because I happened to be a fan since 1975 or so, but because his portraits were bound to stay with me that time. Unlike Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan whose portraits were gone quicker than I could think absolutely no-one wanted to buy a Tyler portrait - most folks thought it was a not so good attempt on Mick Jagger, anyway.. LOL

It all changed with the advent of MTV and modern albums and Get-A-Grip and what the hell ever sprang up from the ashes in the 90s. I soldiered on for maybe two more years until I figured I was too old for all that modern stuff - yeah there's a limit to the number of modernisations that an old raven can take.

Anyway, the portrait series stands and at least in the web it is still complete. Have a look!

The Boy
Moving out
Early days
Red Fire
Steven & Joe
Yellow Impression

Purple Haze
Autumn's Child
Speed kills
The Harlekin 1
The Harlekin 2
Child in time

Tin Pan Alley
The Icon
Dirty Pool
Red Lights
Jupiter's Child
Dream on

Little Wing
Back in the saddle
Another sketch

Crazy Diamond
Profile study
Two little studies
Moody Grey
Raw Sketch
another two sketches
From here to there..

Joe Perry 1
Joe Perry 2
Joe Perry 3

The Aerosmith Comic Book

The one and only Aerosmith History Book

The comic book was done in the early 90s, guess it was a kind of ironic reaction to all the Steven Tyler portraits adorning my walls which made my lair appear like some kind of obsessed fan's panopticum.

The cartoons were rough sketches done with ink on paper. I never overworked them even though the first three or four sketches weren't really to my liking. Somehow, it lived from the 'right-now-at-the-moment'-humuor. But it still is funny after all these years... well, for me at least. I wonder if Steven Tyler could chuckle as well but I think I'll never find out..

Lastly, the usual remark that my sites make excessive use of javascript - so if you want to see a bit more from them and not just this text, turn on javascript in your browser.

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