Virgo is the constellation located between Leo and Libra, and since ancient times it was associated with goddesses of virtue and harvest, perhaps it covers the part of the sky where the sun rises when the times was there to gather in the crops in autumn.

Isis unwingedIn old Egypt the constellation was seen as Isis (Eset), perhaps the most popular and powerful Egyptian goddess. As a mother-goddess, she indroduced marriage and domestic matters, as the goddess of agriculture she protected the harvest and created the Milky Way by straying grain across the skies. Beside this, she also was seen as a goddess of magic powers (Urthekau) and the arts of medicine, which she and Thoth taught to humanity.

Isis was either shown as a winged goddess or as a beautiful woman without wings, often holding an oar to stress her function as the protector of sailors.

The glyph of Isis
The glyph 'Isis'
Egyptian Zodiac
Egyptian Virgo
Isis winged
Isis in her winged form

Most ancient cultures also saw Virgo represented as a goddess of earth and agriculture, so for example the Syrians saw the image of Atargatis in her,

In Greek mythology she was associated with the fertility goddess Demeter, as then again with Astraea, the goddess of innocence and purity. Others saw the wise and powerful Pallas Athena in her or the goddess of hunt, Artemis, thus leading to the Roman 'versions' Cybele, Minerva and Diana. Although none of these 'newer' goddesses was told to have wings, the image of the winged goddess survived.

A later form of Isis, showing her with the sun between horns
instead of the throne symbol above her head)

Virgo in the Zodiac

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