Pisces the fish located between Aquarius and Aries are an old constellation that already was decsribed in ancient Babylonian astrology, probably as a symbol for Atargatis, the 'fish goddess', another provider of fertility. In ancient Egypt the Pisces might have been seen as a symbol for the fish goddess Hatmehit, which was the consort of the ram god Banebdjetet represented by the neighbor constellation Aries the Ram.

Both goddesses were worshipped as symbols of water and fertility, stressing the major importance of those in otherwise dry areas. Archaeologists have discovered ageold jars containing fish in Egyptian temples, offered and dedicated to Hatmehit.

Egyptian PiscesEgyptian PiscesIn Greek mythology Pisces represent Aphrodite and her son Eros (Venus and Amor in Rome), who one day were scared by the monster Typhon and saved themselfes by transforming into fish who jumped into the next river and swam away. In a slightly altered version it was Zeus who helped them by changing them into fish, and it was Pallas Athena who later placed them in the sky.

Pisces in the Zodiac
Aries the Ram
Aries the Ram

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