Innuendo - The Raven's Queen's Silent Tribute to Freddie Mercury

Meow Meow

Freddie Mercury had a great love for cats, at times having up to five cats of his own.

Being a catlover myself this was always a side that I loved most - when cat people are special people, anyway. I don't know all the names of Freddie's cats - Delilah of course, Oscar, Tiffany, Romeo, Lily, Miko.. there must have been many more. He talked to his cats on the telephone, cared for them, loved them.

This page shows Freddie Mercury as the cats' daddy - the cats are taken from the Il-Gatti-Tarot and I hope he would have liked this.

A report by the artist Ann Ortman who did sketches of Freddie's cats:

Of course, cats were all around and I was, after all, there to work with them rather than their owner. The only way I can work with cats is from photographs and so I spent a couple of hours taking photos of them in all sorts of different situations and attitudes. Inevitably though, their anxious owner, almost like a proud parent, crept into the pictures and I'm pleased to say that I have some wonderful photographs of that day to remind me of Freddie, especially ones of him sitting with his cats on his lap. Every surface in that drawing room including the grand piano seemed to be covered with silver photographs frames, most of them containing pictures of his cats. I came away at the end of that day, after tea, thinking how much I'd enjoyed it and how much I would like to get to know Freddie more. He was the kind of person you can't forget... I can't describe it, really.

from: Freddie Mercury - The Real Life: The Truth Behind The Legend' David Evans & David Minns

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