Welcome to Charlie's homepage!

(Stations of Charlie's youth - a little bit patience required...;)

Charlie is the proud owner of a devoted cat painter
and he would like to show some of his servant's work here...

The best paintings of course
show His Fabulous Furry Majesty himself...

cat charlie 1
("Charlie", oil on canvas; 60 x 70 cm)

cat charlie 2
("Charlie as a kitten", oil on canvas; 40 x 60 cm)

cat charlie 3
("Charlie", oil on canvas; 55 x 60 cm)

clickable cat image 1
Charlie's Jukebox
The 'essential' Charlie -
the way he was, the way he lived...

Brandnew!! Charlie has got his own guestbook!!
Come one, kitties - leave your pawprints...
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Look here - Charlie already has received awards (purr purrr purrrrr)...
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He's the best!

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