A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in


Chapter 1 - From Creation to Evolution
The Visible Universe
Theological Teachings Regarding the Animals and Man
Theological and Scientific Theories of an Evolution...
The Final Effort of Theology

Chapter 2 - Geography
The Form of the Earth
The Delineation of the Earth
The Inhabitants of the Earth
The Size of the Earth
The Character of the Earth's Surface

Chapter 3 - Astronomy
The Old Sacred Theory of the Universe
The Heliocentric Theory
The War upon Galileo
Victory of the Church over Galileo
Results of the Victory over Galileo
The Retreat of the Church after its Victory over Galileo

Chapter 4 - From 'Signs and Wonders' to Law in the Heavens
The Theological View
Theological Efforts to Crush the Scientific View
The Invasion of Scepticism
Theological Efforts at Compromise - The Final Victory of Science

Chapter 5 - From Genesis to Geology
Growth of Theological Explanation
Efforts to Suppress the Scientific View
The First Great Effort of Compromise, based..
Final Efforts at Compromise - Victory of Science Complete

Chapter 6 - The Antiquity of Man, Egyptology, and Assyriology
The Sacred Chronology
The New Chronology

Chapter 7 - The Antiquity of Man and Prehistoric Archaeology
The Thunder-Stones
The Flint Weapons and Implements

Chapter 8 - The 'Fall of Man' and Anthropology
The 'Fall of Man' and Anthropology

Chapter 9 - The 'Fall of Man' and Ethnology
The 'Fall of Man' and Ethnology

Chapter 10 - The 'Fall of Man' and History
The 'Fall of Man' and History

Chapter 11 - From 'The Prince of the Power of the Air' to Meteorology
Growth of a Theological Theory
Diabolical Agency in Storm
The Agency of Witches
Franklin's Lightning-Rod

Chapter 12 - From Magic to Chemistry and Physics
The Supremacy of Magic
The Triumph of Chemistry and Physics

Chapter 13 - From Miracles to Medicine
The Early and Sacred Theories of Disease
Growth of Legends of Healing - The Life of..
The Medieval Miracles of Healing
The Attribution of Disease to Satanic Influence
Theological Opposition to Anatomical Studies
New Beginnings of Medical Science
Theological Discouragement of Medicine
Fetich Cures under Protestantism - The Royal Touch
The Scientific Struggle for Anatomy
Theological Opposition to Inoculation, Vaccination, Anaesthetics
Final Breaking Away of the Theological Theory in Medicine

Chapter 14 - From Fetich to Hygiene
The Theological View of Epidemics and Sanitation
Gradual Decay of Theological Views Regarding Sanitation
The Triumph of Sanitary Science
The Relation of Sanitary Sciene to Religion

Chapter 15 - From 'Demoniacal Possession' to Insanity
Theological Ideas of Lunacy and its Treatment
Beginnings of a Healthful Scepticism
The Final Struggle and Victory of Science - Pinel and Tuke

Chapter 16 - From Diabolism to Hysteria
The Epidemics of 'Possessions'
Beginnings of Helpful Scepticism
•Theological 'Restatements' - Final Triumph of Scientific View and Methods

Chapter 17 - From Babel to Comparative Philology
The Sacred Theory in its First Form
The Sacred Theory of Language in its Second Form
Breaking Down of the Theological View
Triumph of the New Science

Chapter 18 - From the Dead Sea Legends to Comparative Mythology
The Growth of Explanatory Transformation Myths
Medieval Growth of the Dead Sea Legends
Post-Reformation Culmination of the Dead Sea Legends
Theological Efforts at Compromise..

Chapter 19 - From Leviticus to Political Economy
Origin and Progress of Hostility to Loans at Interest
Retreat of the Church, Protestant and Catholic

Chapter 20 - From the Divine Oracles to the Higher Criticism
The Older Interpretation
Beginnings of Scientific Interpretation
The Continued Growth of Scientific Interpretation
The Closing Struggle
Victory of the Scientific and Literary Methods
Reconstructive Force of Scientific Criticism