Raven's Bookshelf

A collection of my favorite books at www.corax.com

Books are probably the greatest love of my life - when I look around my walls there isn't much of the walls left to see.. ;)

Creating a bookshelf at corax.com was of course a somewhat absurd idea. There should be hundreds of books, if not thousand, go into here - which is a thing that will likely never ocur. It would be nonsensical as well when there are sources enough in the net where people can read - no-one needs the Raven coming up with another ton of the same stuff.

So I will put up just a few favorites - and when it comes to the question of sense or nonsense... well, at least I prefer reading in a cosy atmosphere! And when it's not my sofa - cat on the lap et all - it should be the beautiful realms of the Raven's World.

As Freddie would say: "Style, my dear.. it's all about style.."

The Raven

The Raven's World