The Aerosmith Comic Book

The comic book was done in the early 90s, just simple ink drawings on paper. It is a humourous backview on the band's history from the very beginning to the great 'renaissance' in the late 80s, especially after the release of 'Pump'.

I never reworked the comic even though some of the cartoons are rather rough and the first 3 or 4 sketches weren't exactly to my liking. Also, my English wasn't the best at that time.

Nevertheless the comic stays unchanged, just as it was. It wouldn't be the same redoing it and I don't really see a sense in it. Things like this are born from a moment and should stay the way they were. It was funny back then and I can still chuckle at it today.

The Aerosmith comic might look a bit strange to younger fans today who have no idea like it once was but maybe a few older folks out there can laugh.

The young singer
Historical events
First show
Record companies
The press
The scarves
Womens' attraction
Worldtour 1976/77
Draw the line
The hunter
Good Companionship
Bright Light Fright
The portrait
Musical experts
Hard times
The Joe-Perry-Project, Part 1
New guitarist
The Joe-Perry-Project, Part 2
3 days in September
Impossible behaviour
Promotion poster 1981
Fan's lamento
Motorbike Ride
The record company (close look)
Back again

Another new guitarist
Artist at work
The Joe-Perry-Project, Part 3
Unfavorable Circumstances
Boston 1984
Another historical event
Done with mirrors
The 'Redhouse incident'
A serious drug problem
Cleaning up
Peculiar reviews
Permanent vacation
Healthy lifestyle
Legendary dinner parties
Rich experience
New energy
His sweet old self
Views about age
Male beauty
New fans
Old fans


Have fun!

The Raven

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